anyone who has jammed (in malaysian parlance) in a band worth their salt would know of green day’s when i come around. the cop out tune that anyone who knows three chords/bass lines/drum rhythm pattern could play. i’m guilty of that – i’ve played that tune at jam sesh-es over the decade since i first joined that motley bunch on dora street in small heath, brum. they were also the bunch of guys who introduced me to dookie and kerplunk! (which i haven’t really tried listening to yet, to this very day -_-).

the last couple of records saw green day moving away from two-minute breakneck ditties to nine-minute conceptual epics. nevertheless, it’ll be the two-minute tunes that will make their two-hour and a bit set contain like a million tunes to digest. like what happened at the arena on monday last. didn’t really like the perasan best opening band, prima donna (more like prima crappa). they were out soon-ish (after watching a bladdered pink rabbit do the Y-M-C-A to village people), and the boys from berkeley got onstage at half eight prompt with the radio-esque intro to song of the century from their current record, 21st century breakdown. they had their touring musicians with them (their songs in recent years have sounded fuller, but they ain’t rush), comprising of two extra guitars and a keyboardist-cum-saxophonist-cum-accordion player.

the beginning of the green day set was pretty much the first three songs from 21st century, followed by the evangelistic-styled east jesus of nowhere (with a masive gas mask effigy as the background). they got a little kid onstage (they did a little hallelujah-ing skit of sorts) for this. with all the eff-ing, one wonders whether the parents know what they got their kid into. anyway, ini la baru punk rawk, kan.

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