Today marked a close colleague’s last day as a trainee as he will be moving to pastures green over yonder as a consultant. After an excellent presentation by our HoD, we decided to go to Thyme Café in Broomhill for a farewell lunch do. A last minute choice but an excellent one.

This is a spin-off of Richard Smith’s upmarket restaurant down Crosspool way, and for a café the food was reputed to be just as good. Whoever made the decision to go at 12 noon made the right one, as by half 12 people were told to come back later at half one. We didn’t do too badly as we had our table for 8 despite not booking. The menu was scribbled in chalk on the blackboards on the surrounding walls. The chap who waited on us was this friendly and vivacious Scots, who, on serving the food, was really passionate about what they had on the menu. He just made me hungrier by the minute, listening to him describing how the cheese is dripping of the fish pie to the patron on the opposite table. The main course was in the region of £10 each. Even before ordering I was already salivating over what dessert they had on offer. Nothing fancy, they had stuff ranging from apple and peach crumble to crème brûlée, each for a fiver *leleh*.

There were quite a few seafood options to choose from, like grilled mackerel and the eleven quid (!) fish and chips. Our leaving colleague and I opted for the baked prawns in garlic butter, which was absolutely sublime despite the fact we had to peel the bothersome shell off ourselves. All the fish dishes came with half a baguette, which was très excellent when it comes to mopping off the garlic butter from the bottom of the bowl. One of the guys had the risotto and the other the scrumptious fish pie. The ladies preferred healthier options, like the rocket and mozzarella tarte.

The bill could have gone for at least £25 per head, but since we were teetotalling, due to work (and for some of us, being Muslim!) it was less than that. I know I have to come back, at least for the dessert since I didn’t have any!