firstly, i would like to say – the agile beast is agile. a snare and two toms. sounds like he’s dribbling the sticks on 45 toms.

secondly, seetickets suck when it comes to telling you where you’d be sitting. i dunno, but i never had a problem knowing where i’d be sitting BEFORE i pay for the damn tix. imagine finding out that you’d be pretty much at the orbit of pluto when it comes to distance from the stage when the tix came through the letterbox. i could even buy better seats from the venue last week. bastards. so, if i was asleep during the eagles of death metal’s set, i’m sorry. which one is josh? (how come you don’t know what josh homme looks like? oh, i forgot. you can’t see* being in pluto and all. -_- )

[*josh is currently not in the live line-up of EODM. yeah, i had to look up wiki. sue me.]

nine sharp was the time alex turner and mates got onstage with dance little liar. however, we were given an early treatment of joget-worthy tunes with brianstorm sans jiggling dancers. how was the view? with the light show, it was okay, although i had to resort to seeing the band perform from my camera screen for a better view.

their current material from humbug‘s a tad laidback like jeweller’s and cornerstone. okay, it picked up during pretty visitors but i was more looking forward to their debut material. then again, how to joget during my three fav monkey tunes lah when i wanted vids of dance floor, view and sun goes down.

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