The structural repair commenced in August and it wasn’t til after Hari Raya that the replastering was completed. A fortnight ago saw me applying cheap white paint mixed with anti-moss solution onto the plasterboard for a basecoat effect to facilitate painting the walls back to what it was before. Thankfully, I still had paint left from before, and in two hours, it was all sorted.

I started with buangruang room first. All that is left is the painting of the door and the cupboard housing the mains (been saying that since 2008, haven’t I?). The gundik platform needs staining – probably go for a light maple look to match the floor.

The utility room in the antechamber was sorted in a jiffy, as there wasn’t any complicated bits to paint.

Well, I still need to do the ceiling, but that’ll be after Raya Haji, I guess.