despite being back in their home turf, turner didn’t seem to say anything much to the punters. i was told that some of the inter-song banter was same-ish with the gig the evening before. not much to say, no extra song in the set for the home crowd.

they can be forgiven as they were tight as ever, held on like glue by the agile beast that is matt helders. turner was nevertheless complimentary to the sheffield crowd and fluorescent adolescent went down a bomb, with the merry mardy bum seguing in between. however, it did feel a bit abrupt when turner left the stage as they were ending the set with 505. also, an hour and a bit for a band with three albums, i couldn’t help feeling a little shortchanged.

sheffield arena 14.11.09 set: dance little liar / brianstorm / this house is a circus / still take you home / i bet you look good on the dancefloor / sketchead / my propeller / crying lightning / dangerous animals / the view from the afternoon / cornerstone / if you were there, beware / pretty visitors / the jeweller’s hands / do me a favour / when the sun goes down / secret door / [encore] fluorescent adolescent / mardy bum / fluorescent adolescent (cont’d) / 505

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