it’s a sign of the stomach of chaos’ food review going downhill. blurred pics and all. but i just have to say that since this is the best place to get belgian waffles in this neck of the woods, i’d still do one! hercule is a small place, which probably fits, at most, 25 patrons. it’s located in crookes, a student-y part of town. you know the kind of place that people flock to where you can’t get parking/seats, but the allure of the food is just too great? this is one of them.

the waffles come with different accompaniments. the best is the banoffee. not a factory-made banoffee kind, but freshly made with bananas, caramel and vanilla ice cream to boot. crispy gold on the outside and simply soft and sublime on the inside (armadillos! kidding.). i’m simply a sucker for the hot and cold combo in desserts. other waffles available include the chocoholic (*leleh*) and vanilla. they also do great fry-up platters for breakfast. as these aren’t the usual american waffles (them large a&w types or the eggo ones that you get in the supermarket), they don’t offer a maple syrup option. however, they were happy to oblige with providing me with some lyle’s golden syrup with two plain waffles at breakfast one morning, which was absolutely kind of them, even though it wasn’t offered on the board!

other options available are your otherwise usual run-of-the-mill baguettes and provencettes (their pepper, mozarella, onion and tomato one is simply yum), all made to order for eating in or take away.