The iPod is godsend. Since the day I had my first ever 30GB ‘monstrosity’, gone are the days of making mix-MD’s (the mixtape died the day I bought my first ever MiniDisc player in 1999). I never had a portable CD player. Bloody cumbersome if you asked me. Just look how big a CD is – you can’t make a DiscMan any smaller.

I don’t know what it was but last night I started listening to CDs again.

When I started seeing the lights of the streetlights and traffic whizzing past me like darts as I sped up the A57, it was the Kings Of Leon’s Manhattan. The clarity of Noh’s singing “Ku saksikan kugiran kegemaran ku” and AG’s guitar work Obsesi this afternoon. The crunching Caparison assault of Adam D and Joel Stroetzel on Starting Over after my weekly recycling (bukan cycling – itu lama dah tak buat) of sampah.

When I got my first ever paycheck (a very long time ago), I bought a hi-fi separate system. It may be five years late (not enough moolah during my student days) but the Pioneer setup I bought provided me with hours on enjoyment, and many a song had I learnt on the guitar with the player starting/pausing to no end.

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