Gaga did Monster during the ‘Disney evil hutan‘ set and her dancers went around her to “eat her heart” which left her chest drenched in blood. Apparently this bit of the gig was lambasted by the British press for lack of sensitivity to the recent event in Cumbria.

It was a fantastic show filled with good music and theatrics, and I have to say one of the best gigs I’ve attended in my 20-odd years of seeing live acts strutting their stuff. I find it refreshing to see a Grammy-winner playing British cities other than London and Gaga didn’t do things by half at the Sheffield show, which was the last UK show in this leg of the 2010 Monster Ball tour. Her band was rocking, to say the least, despite the very strong dance/disco/pop leanings of Gaga’s tunes. Her performance didn’t feel fake and there was none of the “I was in Manchester last night but I have to say you guys are way better” crap either. Now, how could anyone not enjoy all that?

On a final note, a noticeable number of people in the audience was quite wacky too, dress sense-wise. Some very convincingly Gaga, but some not – kinda like a Blue Peter attempt of the scotch tape kind. There was a bloke (which looked and dressed like a bloke) but in the highest heels known to err… woman. I leave that to your imagination.

Sheffield Arena 4.6.10 set: Dance In The Dark / Glitter And Grease / Just Dance / Beautiful, Dirty, Rich / The Fame / LoveGame / Boys, Boys, Boys / Money Honey / Telephone / Brown Eyes / Speechless / So Happy I Could Die / Monster / Teeth / Alejandro / Poker Face / Paparazzi // [encore] Bad Romance

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