due to overwhelming and popular request (from one reader – you know who you are), i’ve finally got a food entry. i was up in the north-east a couple of days ago, visiting pinkfrog and delirium for some catching up over sunday nosh-up.

pubs in britain have really strange names sometimes, like the dog and parrot, for one. the slug and lettuce wasn’t your traditional english pub but more of a chic eaterie, which is part of a nationwide chain. i’ve seen their branches in manchester and nottingham but haven’t actually tried them. the newcastle one is quite big and there weren’t that many patrons. i guess it pays to arrive early for sunday lunch.

the selection available was typical of the upmarket chain restaurant. i guess if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all. simply variations of italian and british cuisine. i opted for the tempura battered hake fillet with chips, tartare sauce and mushy peas, aka fish ‘n’ chips. hahaha. the hake was delightful although it still was just as nice as the haddock they serve at the old north shields joint i used to frequent, albeit less oily and a tad more expensive. tempura or not, i couldn’t tell the difference with regular batter.

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