i was on the phone with trabye yesterday, and he asked if wanted a strat. just like that.

many moons ago, i would tell myself that on passing an exam, i’d get a treat. as in buy one myself. the usual scenario would then be me getting the item before the exam, as i would be going ‘sure pass kot…‘. how wrong i was, and not only on the one occasion. in fact some of my friends reading this would be smiling knowingly.

anyway, with the recent good tidings, it’s no holds barred now. muahahaha. back to the strat in question. it’s a 1997 fender 50’s classic stratocaster in daphne blue and looks quite worn-out (instant relic effect already? – that happens if you keep a guitar in malaysia). maple fingerboard and blocked trem, just like the neon’s 1957 reissue. however, what puzzles me is that this beaut has a 3-ply pickguard with eleven screws which is a hallmark of a 1960’s-styled strat. at the moment, we have to sort out how to courier that thing over.

on the eBay front (yes, i’m back with a vengeance somewhat), i won the bid for an old (?1960’s) 1970’s japanese fuzzbox this fine morning. it’s for my bass guitar. play radiohead’s the national anthem and you know what it’ll sound like. it’s the same model colin greenwood uses. i suppose i could say this is my treat for the recent exam.

by the by, anyone seen a cheap 1972 fender telecaster deluxe about?