first of all, this pic is for those of little faith (you know who you are!):

went cycling at upper derwent valley in the peaks with some friends from manchester today. did about 12.8 km which is not bad going, by my crap standards! the last time i did any of this was like 6 years ago at kielder. i rented a hardtail which meant i know what will be coming in the following few days.

derwent valley is pretty much a stone’s throw away from where i live (wrote about it once here). i have no flippin’ excuse to not exercise and enjoy the outdoors actually, but being my usual sedentary self, i don’t really give a rat’s ass. for one, who in the right mind would wear their waterproofs and walk for kilometres over rough terrain in the rain?

i had to rush from nottingham this morning, get changed in sheffield in time to get on the A57 and meet nik and sherry (and i was still late). started our journey from the dams, basically following the banks of the derwent reservoirs. the scenery was breathtaking, especially midway on our cycle trail where you could see the rolling hills whilst snacking on mini oreos by a bubbbling brook. loads of sheep and ducks, too (it’s lambing season – lots of them little ‘uns about!).

the weather was not too bad. it was cool, mainly overcast with minimal drizzle in the latter few kilometres of the cycle. better this than being in the midsummer’s sun.did the whole thing in 2 and a half hours. it was more fulfilling doing this, way better than a stationary bike machine at a gym. we ended our day with a cracking meal at a pub in bamford. probably will do this a few more times before seriously thinking about getting a bike (yeah, laugh, will ya?).

i would like to add one thing. padding is crucial. get it wrong, and you would think brokeback mountain was a picnic.

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