waiting. all over by two. i hope.


i am, by default, a brazil fan. my sky dish has gone wonky and i flippin’ missed the brazil-australia match. i think someone up there is telling me to get a HDTV setup.

i have also done the unthinkable where i now play… drum roll,please… pro evo 5 on my psp.

oh, don’t you worry folks – i know what offside is. i also know terms like, err.. cross! cross!, clear bola oi! and p***t**u l**ch**!!! i don’t play very well but i have improved on the usual dapat-bola-lari-setengah-padang-rembat-tapi-tak-masuk technic.

superb simulation and great graphics, even for a handheld version. they got ronaldinho’s buck teeth spot on.


won’t be MTB-ing for the next 3 weekends. buncitville, welcome back.

oh, and check this out. hail to the thief’s daughter.