yesterday’s symposium at the college in london on the weird and wonderful subject that is soft tissue tumour pathology reminded me how, as pathologists, we have got it relatively easy. not belittling the art of diagnosis, but once it is made, we don’t have to bear the pain of telling the patient the bad news. as much as we like to take the piss out of our surgical colleagues, i have the highest respect for these guys who dwell in blood and guts to save their patients. there is a degree of empathy in me, but not sufficient to function as a clinician who cares for others. i was given a path to enter this specialty of mine for a real good reason, i guess.

yesterday’s visit also showed me how well my money was spent. probably i contributed to the new set of halogen ceiling lights. or perhaps the blue foyer carpet.


tuesday – kuey teow goreng mamak sans taugeh. wednesday – wat tan ho sans babi. c’est formidable! when you‘re on the mend, give us a shout, yeah?


watch out for it – jimbo’s new virtual pad.

and this: