people have prejudices because of their upbringing, surrounding environment, personal philosophy and personal experiences (all not mutually exclusive, obviously). i have my own, some i hope to be correct / right (as opposed to righteous) and some, unfortunately, not.

prejudices can bring out the worst in you. it doesn’t matter if you are a trailer hick from buttfuck, MS or an highly-educated professor in a world-reknowned academic institution. you’ve seen it. it happens everyday. if not in the form of daily conversations or e-mails, you see it in your daily dealings in life. but that’s life, one might say, just get on with it.

but should one put up with it? no one could right every wrong in the world, but when you see the kind of shit that comes from the mouths of people who you’d think should know better, you simply put your arms up in despair. why should i bother, i think to myself sometimes.

it’s the i-know-best mentality that pisses me off. obviously a mentality seen amongst the holier-than-thou types. why always assume the worst in people when the good in them are overlooked and dismissed. and to talk about the negative aspect of a situation these people don’t profess to really know about (looking up wikipedia or harian metro online doesn’t count). and when you don’t really know about these things, what makes you think you know what is best in that situation? does it make you sleep better at night thinking you’ve (tried to) cured one of society’s supposed ills, preaching to the cattle-like masses?

being opinionated does not equate to having an opinion.