I have been going to Manchester these past two weekends and have been marvelled with the work being done on the abode my friends recently bought, which revived my interest in sorting my own house out.

So, hopefully with the soon to arrive ‘fallen durian‘, I hope to get stuff sorted, hopefully with the aid of some friends with a knack for designing. I hear they are called architects.

So, watch this space!


Guitar-wise, Xingxiao has come back to life, thanks to Steve (he’s the best guy in the business – check his work out if you live in the Manchester area!). And remember the missing clip-on tuner? It has turned up in the least expected place. Double joy!


And the carb craving I had last night was palpable. Dang.


And finally – what I have been looking for all this while:

Now for that 17-55 mm.