Reviews (of sorts) of music i bought these past few months, in little bites.

Blues Gang’s Nostalgia: as per title, most definitely!
ButterfingersSelamat Tinggal Dunia/Peristiwa Batu Keras: the audio version of the VCD. Got it for completion, more than anything else.
Estranged‘s In Hating Memory: only like the Indo-esque Malay hit.
ella’s rama-rama: waste of time. a butterfingers cover? aiyo.
the timesnada melankolik malaya: the poor man’s OAG.
OAG‘s OrAnG EP01: now, that’s better. keep on singing in malay, radhi. it’s working.
ben’s bitchesmamak conspiracy: G-E-N-I-U-S.
radio malaya: c’mon, people. we aren’t in 1990 anymore.
m. nasir’s sang pencinta: good, but it ain’t canggung mendonan.
nidji‘s breakthru: good stuff, despite the coldplay misnomer. in fact, i’ve not gone beyond track 3 yet.
gigi‘s peace, love ‘n respect: nothing less from these four guys, although a bit same-ish.
bunga c. lestari’s cinta pertama: lovely voice, but nothing new. she’s hot. facebook-whoring zouk-going KL girl kind of hot.
audy‘s 2303: see above. but better.
sheila on 7‘s 507: see gigi.
mika nakashima‘s (中島美嘉) best: next!
kluk kluk adventure‘s revolusi minda antarabangsa: apart from the cringeworthy title track, lovely vocals.
bittersweet‘s perfect match: great tunes and fresh-sounding for bands on these shores. it’s obvious who their influences are.
smashing pumpkinszeitgeist: fcukin’ A! as expected, corgan played everything except for the drums.
rush‘s snake and arrows: sounds like rush. probably need to hear it a bit more.
dream theater‘s systematic chaos: see rush. change rush to dream theater.
dewa 19‘s republik cinta: stay away from queen’s material (or anything that utilises the english language), guys.


You may have seen this pic before.

Now, that 1982 hand-wired, Rivera-designed Fender Deluxe Reverb II is mine.

Well, until the neon gets his moolah by telegraph transfer tomorrow, that is.


Oh, a blue star now appears next to my eBay username. No, it ain’t ladiesman217.