the weekend the house has been a hive of activity. of sorts.

friday evening saw my friends help build me my new machine. do i really need it? i’m no gamer, and i only use it to blog, play around with my digital photographs and update my iPod. but in a few years time, as usual, a quadcore processor will be old hat. so, why not?

this afternoon, after finally ordering this (lounge) and this (media/guest room), we sorted this out:

it’s a tad crazy, but it’s a music room. again, why not?

i should be doing my little review of miss williams et al. rocking their socks off last thursday night. but the tom yam goong and gai yang is taking its toll. so, here’s a little teaser.

some may say they’re a little budak sekolah, music-wise, for people like yours truly. but i put to you, mengapa tidak?