i’ve gotten stick from a few quarters for listening to / watching paramore. as far as i’m concerned, good tunes are good tunes, no matter if it’s a six-year old kindergarten kid singing lead vocals. this gig had been postponed twice due to reasons known only to the band.

nevertheless the february tix were still valid and a great gig it was. caught the tail end of lost alone which sounded pretty decent. soon after, hayley williams and the gang got onstage with flames. didn’t know the next one (it was only available on the iTunes version of riot!), but my socks were knocked off when they played emergency.

that’s what you get came on pretty early too. the audience which looked like it was 90% pre-sixth form was stoked to the max. it was a good thing us old(er) fogeys stood on relatively safer ground. the best bit of the night was when jeremy did this crazy stunt over josh during pressure. i semi-missed it (saw a flash of movement) but you can check it out here (at 2:37). it’s a staple of a paramore show apparently.

hayley said a few (inaudible) things about how they were grateful that the fans held out till now despite the two postponed gigs. one thing i liked about this woman was that she rocks hard without looking like she’s trying too hard [hint]. sempoi. the rest of the show was a good mix of both falling and riot!, another highlight of which was a lovely laid bare version of when it rains.

the show was pretty short (a little over an hour) and they finished with an incendiary misery business. have you ever left a gig and find that it’s still daylight?

rock city, nottingham 05.06.08 set: let the flames begin / stop this song (lovesick melody) / emergency / here we go again / that’s what you get / pressure / miracle / for a pessimist i’m pretty optimistic / when it rains / crushcrushcrush / born for this / whoa / my heart / [encore] misery business
[setlist from a youtube account. really!]