i recently downloaded the day that never comes for 79p on iTunes. following the first listen, i was elated with the return of kirk’s solo. however, it wasn’t until i listened to it twice, back to back, on the way home from work that i realised, “what the fcuk?”. i analysed the song part by part, shaking my head in utter despair during some parts, at the same time thinking that this would be fodder for an entry tonight.

thanks to anuar’s recommendation of this site, that i found this, echoing my exact thought. when radiohead plastered three songs together to make paranoid android, it works. thanks for the solo, kirk, but this sounds like a wall-to-wall solo exercise for four fingers patched together from an instructional video. rehash is the keyword here. notes that you’ve heard from their classics of the first three seminal works, assembled in this pseudo-one of a song.

betul tak?


i’ve written about this before, but check this other vid from them at ozzfest playing cyanide. i just feel sorry for them. entah lah. what do you think?

addendum: cyanide sounds better on the recorded version. thank god.