while we’re on the subject of all some things metallica, i looked this up, after reading jimbo’s comment in the shoutbox. i didn’t catch the band this year (because they played donington – you know how i don’t really like festivals) but if i did what i’m doing next wednesday with pearl jam i would’ve seen this myself.

i am a tad disappointed. fair enough, the tune’s 20 years old and they probably had to go buy the CD (newsted did – to learn how to play the thing that should not be after being in the band for more than 10 years). probably, it was a shitty day for hetfield and co. especially for kirk, when his boris karloff ESP died-ed on him. who knows. but, man! i just saw an amateur vid of a kid playing this way better. judge for yourselves if you think i am being harsh.

i know i can play power chords very well and would do fine during that solo interlude. haha.

* –bak kata trabye