it’s been four days since my return, and i have to say this entry is a little too late. i guess i’ve pretty much summarised what i felt about my recent trip already but just to tie a few loose ends, here’s a little pictorial summary of paris.

talking about films, i’ve forgotten about the bourne identity. only thought of it when my taxi brought me to gare du nord via boulevard de denain, the street matt damon parked the car telling marie to leave the car and tell the cops what happened in the apartment after that fight with the assassin.

so, it’ll be two films to re-run then this weekend.


the flickr edits for my paris trip are ongoing. to paraphrase a husband of a friend, if you are the type who likes to watch paint dry, you are welcome to check out my flickr travelog, complete with description and geotags. link’s on the sidebar, as per usual.