Since those gigs in Singapore, I have to admit I had spent a few squids on getting music, vids and books by/on SCANDAL from Japan. It’s playing catch up on their material, akin to what I had amassed from being a Pearl Jam fan[1]. The best stuff they have are their limited edition CDs which come with a photobook. I had bought their limited edition CD+DVD versions from their Temptation Box days, and was aware of the books, but as postage was dear, I didn’t bother (but I will now. Heh.). Their debut major label release had such a limited edition copy but is really difficult to find. I have seen it online but it was on the Yahoo! Auction Japan site. I am a lil’ wary of bidding through a proxy site, so it has to be wait and watch on eBay or even, if I’m lucky, getting it in my travels next spring. The pics for this book is a lil’ risqué as you can see from one example from the book here.

I haven’t bought any of their tab books but I have bought a few Japanese guitar magazines that seem to be a cross of Rolling Stone, Guitar World and those buku kord rock kapak that were sold at the mamak shops in the 80s[2]. One of the latest mags I bought was GIGS which had the tabs for all guitars and bass, as well as the notation for drums[3]. And I was well pleased that they had the notes for the band’s next single, 合わないつもりの、元気でね. I have to say, whilst the notes are like way complete, they are printed so small! I had found out what the chords were, as well as some of the licks, but having this beats multiple rewinds for the guitar fills.

The song is actually a right bastard to play, but that’s just me. I also had to resort to cheating, ie looking at a vid online to see how other people play this, and found this chap’s (way better) vid on DailyMotion. Anyway, here’s my cincai attempt. Oh, I am using DailyMotion too now – as a certain record company hounds YouTube and deletes ’em after slapping you with a warning. Chill lah, just look/listen at my crap playing[4] – people will want to see the official vid anyway. Shuh.

Notes taken – recording level for the guitar, and of course, knowing the chords proper for cleaner playing!


I am currently waiting to hear of the damage to my savings following having ideas to this, err… little project. Have a butcher’s at the additional views of the dream kitchen that I wanna build below £xK *ahem*:


I have always adhered to this view – whilst the government of the day is made up of the political party that won an election, a government is not synonymous with said party. I agree with a statement made by an acquaintance that the leaders in government administer the way the country is run, but not rule it. In my books, a monarch rules, not the administrators. Hence, civil servants ensures that the policies of the government of the day are being executed, but in no way a civil servant is subservient to the party that forms that the government. A civil servant serves the people, hence the term civil servant. If the government is voted out, the civil servant doesn’t but still, and will, work for the new government. I have seen it work. Always.

I hope to be a good lad, and do my thing come 2018. About time, eh? That’s my take for the recent shebang we had back home.

[1]I don’t do this for all the bands I listen to. One other band, to a lesser extent than PJ, is Metallica, but that’s it. Mampoi oo.
[2]The ones that doesn’t do any of the Search songs any justice. I was better off finding the chords myself!
[3]These “tab books” are called “band scores”. No instrument gets left behind.
[4]This cover has the Throttle Box! I’ll update the DailyMotion site with more SCANDAL cover vids that are currently hiding in FB.