Tassili n’Ajjer (Berber: Tasili n Ajjer, meaning “Plateau of the Rivers”; Arabic: طاسيلي ناجر‎) is a mountain range in the Algerian section of the Sahara Desert. -wiki

A few years back, I was reading about how Sheffield was to have its own Chinatown in Highfield, which is pretty much the area where London Road is. Highfield does have a vibrant Chinese community and there are a number of Chinese eateries albeit the density of eateries of this ilk doesn’t really match like those in London, to name one. However, I’ve to say that there are equal numbers of non-Chinese restaurants that are peppered along London Road, ranging from Vietnamese to Turkish, the usual studenty halal pizza/burger joints notwithstanding. London Road may not be as flash as Ecclesall Road with its fancy chain restaurants and cafes, but the variety available is somewhat wide for the hungry Sheffielder. So, last week ayah and I tried out a new place that had just opened next to Noodle Inn called Tassili.

Tassili serves Algerian cuisine, and in my limited gastronomic experience, the nearest to it was Morrocan and of all places, I had it in Andalusia, Spain. Hey, the Arabs in North Africa and those in Albaicín are very likely related! The place was quite quiet (we did arrive at half six, and it was mid-week) and we helped ourselves to some bread whilst perusing the menu. No expense is spared when it comes to the eaterie’s decor, I have to say. Everything down to the wooden panel looked like it was brought over from Algiers (prolly exaggerating here but it defo ain’t from IKEA). We were given water in an earthen jug which came with matching cups. We were pretty famished and we ordered mains straight away.

Ayah had the lamb tagine whilst I picked the Tassili’s Special Couscous which was pretty much a semua taroh dish. Pity they ran out of merguez[1]. You know how it is when you try a new place and hope that the amount/taste would befit the price you pay for it? It was well worth it, I can tell you right now. Ayah chose couscous to accompany his lamb tagine (you can choose other sides for it I’m sure), and ayah’s thumbs up meant that the meat was good. Tender and falls off the bone. As for my semua taroh, I was glad that I was starving, as I struggled to finish the plate of chicken, lamb and sausage. To add to the flavour, there was the obligatory harissa[2] to spice things up a bit. The couscous was fluffy and the lamb was just as tender as ayah’s tagine. The chicken breast meat was plentiful and the chef defo did not stinge on the meat!

By the time we finished a large party of people arrived and whilst the sole member of staff was taking orders, we sat idly sipping hot mint tea. The traditional metal teapot had loads enough for 3-4 rounds per person. I do note that the place can be busy at weekends. So, if you want some quiet, perhaps mid-week is best. Nonetheless, this place wins hands down – great food in a nicely done up place. What more can you ask for?

154 London Road
Sheffield S2 4LT

[1]Spicy North African sausage which is either beef or mutton-based.
[2]Tunisian hot chilli sauce. Not that hot lah.