This is one of my fav cincai piscine concoction, bastardised from a Jamie Oliver veg recipe and a Nigel Slater-esque method of cooking fish. It’s also something that I started making after joining a gym (I’m not getting any younger). Place the fish, in my case either trout or salmon fillet, on a large piece of kitchen foil. A generous squeeze of lemon juice, fresh ground black pepper, parsley (fresh or otherwise) and a bit of Colman’s wholegrain mustard on the ikan. Chuck in veg. From the photo above, I only had green peppers in the fridge, but sliced carrots, petit pois or anything of the sort would do. Then wrap the whole fish-and-veg combo loosely with the foil. Bang it in the oven, gas mark 7, for a good 10-15 minutes. The looseness of the foil wrap allows the fish and veg to be steam-cooked.

Once ready, squeeze a little more lemon juice and drizzle some of the extra virgin. No salt. Bung in some leaves, rocket, radicchio and the like.