I was walking back from London Road yesterday and thought to myself that I should try some of the eateries that had recently lined Abbeydale Road these past few years. This stretch ain’t all just studenty burger/kebab/SFC take outs any more, as there are some gems dotted along the road.

I’m not sure whether this is worthy of an entry as I only ordered one drink and was only there for the better part of twenty minutes, but a quick note on the place anyway – Bragazzi’s started out even when I was still living on Albany Road (I think), and it was just a couple of minutes away then. The entrance opens into the deli part of the eaterie and towards the right, the other half of the place are the tables. After ordering my large cappuccino, I sat myself at a booth facing the coffee bar. The place was adorned with Italian memorabilia and the tables/chairs were all mismatched antiques which added to the charm of the place.

The cappuccino was perfectly made in my books, and if it wasn’t for the lunch I had 20 minutes earlier I would’ve ordered cake. Will defo make another detour for food from the deli and I’ll add another note on this blog then!

220 – 226 Abbeydale Road
Sheffield S7 1FL

Another place that I’ve always wanted to try was The Rude Shipyard, tucked at the corner of a row of houses/shops on Abbeydale Road. Apart from being an eaterie, it’s also a secondhand bookshop and has live performances occasionally in the evenings. They are open daily and a spot of fried breakfast was the order of the day. Seats are available on both ground and first floors of the eaterie/bookshop. I found myself sat in front of the fireplace after making my order at the counter, and perused through a book of photos by Andy Summers[1] to pass the time. They brought up a large jug of cold water even though I was on my own – which I didn’t mind at all.

When my breakfast arrived, the first thing that came to mind was that I so don’t have to have another morsel today. Home-made bread, two discs of potato (I think) bread, some fried mushroom, a large tomato (halved) and scrambled eggs, with a spot of butter. I simply had to stagger towards my car with the aforementioned Andy Summers book in tow[2]. Thumbs up and will defo come again.

89 Abbeydale Road
Sheffield S7 1FE

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[1]Yeah, that Andy Summers. Da-doo-doo-doo, da-daa-daa-daah.
[2]Only for a tenner. Bargain!