When I made the decision to return to Japan some time back in the summer, I was still reeling from the other trip back in the spring. Over the months, my excitement waxed and waned, to the point that I once wondered if this was a right waste of effort (and money) – it was only seven months ago that I was here. In fact, I dare say I was somewhat nonchalant on the night before leaving. I packed my small bag and thought, “Sod it – just go with the flow.” I had an idea where/what to do but I remembered planning things to the tee yet getting a tad disappointed.

Anyway, it all changed a few hours ago when I arrived in NRT (which was quite empty despite it being a Saturday). In fact, I was back on seventh heaven when I dragged my bag at Shibuya JR heading towards my hotel in Sakuragaoka-chō.

The sights. The smells. The sounds.

All of which are familiar. The excitement came back, the jadedness gone. Even the afternoon rain couldn’t wash the feeling away.

First stop was lunch at a soba place 「富士そば」 on Meiji-dōri as recommended by Ken-san. The naruto soba was cheap (you pay at the machine, bring the ticket and collect your order) and quite filling, perfect on such a wet afternoon.

I then bought CD’s at TSUTAYA in Shibuya, which I was to do after my Osaka trip. yui’s Flower Flower is out. Bought SCANDAL’s 「Image」despite ordering it from CD Japan. Cannot tahan one.

Waxed and waned huh?