Devourable in 5 minutes

i am a simple man. whilst sweets like saint emilion au chocolat could be the order of the day for some, this is my idea of post-prandial delight. tgi friday’s brownie and popcorn sundae.first had it with some mates of mind after band practice. we actually shared it between the three of us as it was a bit on the big side, but it disappeared in 5 minutes. had it again (unshared) last week after the guys’ congregation (we thought driving 40 miles south for dessert at HRC was a little too much!). i think all you need is a big(!) cereal bowl, add your favourite make of vanilla ice cream, together with some butterscotch popcorn. a couple slices of choc brownies chopped into manageable pieces and some whipped cream on top. bob’s already your uncle.