This weekend saw me sorting out my newly-acquired PVC/ABS figurines from Japan, and in doing so I sorted out a particular figurine of Suzumiya Haruhi which is a figma from Max Factory. I have alluded to the somewhat fragile nature of the limb joints in her (as well as her two right upper limbs) here. As she was stood in the same pose for the past couple of years on the alcove shelf in the living room, I thought I’d try my hand in giving her a new one. And believe you me, it was not an easy task to put her together the first time two years ago. To get this pose, her head came off, her right arm broke at the shoulder joint and I had to glue her other right arm to make it her left arm.

The position of her feet meant her legs were a tad akimbo somewhat. Now, a tad more, err… demure.

It may not seem like much but making a figma strike a pose naturally is not easy! So, it took a bit of time sorting this out, notwithstanding the fragile nature of this likely faulty specimen.

No, I’ve still not sat down to watch her (strangely ordered) anime yet.


When I was in Tōkyō last month, I bought a Bandai Millennium Falcon kit at Kotobukiya in Akiba. That wasn’t the only STAR WARS range of kits that I was impressed with when I was meandering through Kotobukiya and Yodobashi. Check out this short video I made!

At Yodobashi, I also saw a 1/100 kit of Barbatos from Mobile Suit Gundam : Iron-blooded Orphans. I was happy to get a diminutive 1/144 scale but they were sold out. I ended up not buying the 1/100 due to its size and the limited nature of my luggage space. It was a short trip! Anyway, look what came in the post. *KOFF*


And I hope to do a blog post on this renewed interest in hobby kits and figures soon.