We flew home to Malaysia on Business again, this time on the MAN-DXB leg, courtesy of my Skywards miles. The snag was the leg costs almost 8k more miles pax this time. I was 11k short for both of us which meant topping up the miles which came to about £150 pax which is not bad really. Even though it was Ramadhan, the flight attendant saw to it I had the whale’s share of the Business Class meal (still no Filet Mignon, though!) when it came to waktu berbuka. It wasn’t a real problem anyway as the upper deck was only 25% full!

Saw a couple of Japanese films (as usual) but will do a separate post for that.


Raya was a bit subdued this year and for some strange reason I was not pigging out on the ketupat and lemang. I had one bite and I went, “Well, it tastes the same way as I thought it would be” and that was that. I also blame the menu available at the other open houses which happened to be bereft of said santan-filled glutinous rice goodies.

Truth to be told, three days before I flew back, I bought three lemang rolls and rendang daging at the TTDI pasar besar. Just in case. For RM15. Ouch, I know.


I had to pay Low Yat a visit this time in an attempt to get a scaled figure of Azunyan. Or Mugi-chan. However, the visit to Low Yat was to no avail. I was then surprised to find this establishment in OU selling Figmas. No K-On! but there was one of Haruhi-chan. For £14!

Until I learnt about the fragile nature of these Figma figures. Looks like Haruhi’s my first and last. Better stick to the scaled figures then. Which is a real pity as the workmanship and paintjob on Figmas are very good indeed.


First buku borong trip for a while. The one that I really wanna get was Zaid Ibrahim’s Ampun Tuanku which I finally found at MPH. For a while then I thought it was banned (paham-paham je la). Finding Tunku Zain ‘Al Abidin’s two volumes of Abiding Times and the novelisation of P. Ramlee’s Si Tora were added bonuses.

Better read them all aa?