had a great weekend over the peaks in manchester with family and friends. barbecued salmon in daun pisang, juriah’s karipap and sago gula melaka was a welcome change from the usual braai fare. the company was lovely as was the food, adding to the evening’s enjoyment.

went to manchester’s famous canal street to meet up with some people but adjourned to fadh’s after twenty minutes. quite an interesting 200 metre walk, i must say (sorry, no pictures – nak mampos?). slept / snored / experienced sleep paralysis whilst budin, delirium, pinkfrog and fadh were engaged in conversation serious enough to change the world which lasted till half six in the morning.

– shots @ fadh’s taken with the v3


half of sunday was spent sleeping (delirium had the least amount of it!) followed by mid-day sushi and tempura at samsi. will be back briefly next weekend to pick up the les pauls. makan again?


i think i wanna try predict the outcome of future footie matches on my PSP. played against ecuador this afternoon after looking at some LBC slides: england 2 – equador nil, with gary neville scoring after 20-odd minutes in the first half on receiving a corner from beckham and the second being an own goal. virtual brasil – ghana perhaps tomorrow?