This vacation is a lil’ bit tiring on week #1 topped by a dose of the cold Malaysian-style, but it was otherwise no different makan-wise. Didn’t have my dose of nasi lemak last Raya because of, well, Raya. It’s nice to see the same husband-and-wife vendor going on for the last 20-odd years (my late mom used to get served first mafia-style regardless of the length of the queue!) although they do look like they’re getting on a bit, bless them. They don’t seem to have a ‘younger’ member of the team which makes you wonder if the local residents won’t get to enjoy the delights of the nasi lemak belakang sekolah when that day comes.

Other holiday gastronomic delights savoured these past few days are of a recurring theme, simple and delicious. Oh, for the first time I tasted ウニ (uni, or raw sea urchin) at Yuzu, as well as ayam penyet in Puchong!


I was in the market for a new point-and-shoot and I was surprised to be able to haggle for a cheaper deal for a Lumix TZ30 at a departmental store. You heard right, a departmental store as opposed to an independent camera retailer at Pertama. We just had lunch and the last thing in my mind was looking for a camera in that part of town when I saw Harvey Norman doing a promo on electronic goods. I hope to buy another item for the house when I go home next – these guys sell Dysons!

Another surprise was the price of an unlocked iPhone 4s in this town. The method of getting said item may well be slightly longwinded then what I normally experience in the UK but it was well worth it!


I am a bit late in this aspect of ‘net activity, and lack the wit to do so, but these meme generator / Rage Comic apps are fun to play with.

Sad, huh?


Oh, I’m currently liking works by Yusuke Nakamura. Wishing his work is available to buy, though.