This was a relatively longish trip home for a while, during which time I ate and slept mostly. When asked, I just said it was a low-key break.

The flight home was done in style, I’ve to say.

Worth every penny.

First of Syawal was spent with my late mom’s family in Gombak. Saw a few more members of the family, both close and extended, as well as some friends – not all of whom in a Raya open house setting.

Watching the news (terrestrial and online) provided us with some entertainment. Not really a fan of horror, I’ve to say. Lamenting the quality of RTM’s Raya variety entertainment show was an equally riveting activity.

I got to eat almost everything I wanted, although how I managed to miss an ice cold mug of Allen & Wright’s root beer accompanied by a Coney Dog is a right mystery. Apart from the usual fare, I had to make pretend that I was in Japan as it won’t be some time until I’ll fly over there again. The ÆON 5 minutes away (and KINO at KLCC Suria) was my saviour as it had everything I need from sushi to Totoro plushes. 本当に!!

Also, a quick shout out to these places which I thought had pretty decent food – Sushi Zanmai at 1Utama, Restoran Al-Madina at Mutiara Damansara (the nasi lemak is not bad for a mamak establishment), Salero Negori at Amcorp Mall PJ and the pisang goreng prepared by the makcik opposite the Starbucks in TTDI.

See ya again in January 2016.