A week ago, the kitchen is officially done. Like for real done.

Here are the bits that had been done since the last post on the project that I had written in the middle of May:

Storage by Häfele

Two push-pull drawers, one of which for the narrow 150 mm base cabinet which I am dead impressed with, and the other for the 300 mm base cabinet next to the hob. Superb location for items needed on the go whilst cooking.


Also, a pull out corner storage units for my pots, griddle and woks. Every nook and cranny utilised and I love it.


Additional decorating

I’ve always wanted a wall that doubles as a blackboard, and one was made just where the fridge-freezer is. The paint costs about £13 a litre (I think). Due to how the kitchen is lit and the predominant white colour to the walls, this corner of black does not add any gloom to the room at all. The window sill, the door frames and the doors were also nicely painted white by the decorator.

The bin and the framed poster

Should’ve gotten the 40 litre version, but it does the job.

Perfect fit Venetian blinds

The final touch marking the day of completion for this project. Fabricated in Sheffield by a company pretty much 5 minutes’ drive away. Pricier than a bog standard Venetian, but well worth the money spent.

As planned, I managed to do a time lapse video from the iPhone photos I took of the project. A bit bumpy but check it out!

Time taken: two months three days.