Omuraisu/omurice is basically a portmanteau of omelette and rice, which is a simple home-cooked dish that is basically a plain omelette over fried rice. Pretty much a Japanese version of nasi goreng Pattaya. I first came to know of this dish from a YouTube video on maid cafés[1]. This dish wasn’t even on my radar in my Japan trips. And why should it be – it’s an omelette with fried rice. Until I heard about this place in Kyōto called ザ・洋食屋 キチキチ (Za yōshoku-ya kichikichi – Kichikichi Western Restaurant) where the apparently friendly restaurant owner named Motokichi Yukimura[2] who does this über fluffy omelette on fried rice, and finally covering it in demiglace. There are videos aplenty from his patrons[3] as he is more than happy to show off his skills from behind the counter. I had then wanted to see if I could check it out on my next trip to Kyōtō[4] but not really sure if the nasi goreng got babi or not. Heh.

Well, fret not. There’s this place called Omulab in Section 17, PJ. We did go on a Saturday, and the place can be busy (as is the parking) but don’t let it deter you. The place has a somewhat cheery egg-like feel to it when it comes to its layout (yolk yellow painted wall juxtaposed with white bricks under the counter). As it was packed inside, we opted to sit outside. Luckily it was somewhat overcast and with the big fan over the table, I didn’t really mind the slight panas. The menu is pretty much all omelette based. The omu is served with the typical fried raisu, and you can get different kinds of gravy, demiglace being one of them. As it is an experimental/fusion kinda place, I see that they also do the omu with nasi lemak, burgers or teriyaki chicken, pretty much a variety of other dishes that would go well with an omelette anyway.

I opted for the basic omurice with demiglace sauce, whilst my brother went for the burger version and my sis chose the kare (Japanese curry) version. We were served after about ten minutes which wasn’t bad going I thought. The first thing the chap did was ask if I wanted him to split the omelette, to which I agreed. Easier to take a, err… video with both hands.

I wasn’t sure if the fried rice was made the way you see it on online recipes[5], but it was all right. The novelty was in the fluffy omelette at the end of the day but I’d be happy to return to try other varieties of omurice they do, especially with the kare sauce. Just to add, if you are not a fan of runny eggs/egg yolk, this may not be for you – but I feel the ensemble of flavours and texture in the dish may persuade you to enjoy it.

The place appeared to be less busy by 4PM when we were about to leave, and theoretically even better outside of office hours on a week day I guess. Very friendly staff, prompt service, clean premises and good food. Apparently, Japanese expats have been giving the place the thumbs up – so, Omulab is doing something right.

7 Jalan 17/45
46400 Petaling Jaya
Opens daily 1030-2200

[1]What? WHAT?!
[2]He even has a YouTube page. Check it out.
[3]To dine at kichikichi one needs to book really early in advance. The restaurant’s website also tells you in advance if they are shut, especially when he goes off abroad.
[4]Whenever that’ll be.
[5]It includes tomato ketchup! Have a look at this video as an example of how to make omurice at home.