Mission 11 ステラ<星> Sutera / Stella.

Optimism is a virtue.

Wow. Just wow. Chapters 16 AND 17, eh.

Anya’s antics were first class throughout this episode – a real big treat for all Anya fans out there. The first act’s conclusion was heartfelt despite having read the source material. And now you know who our new character (would you call it/him a character?) is which bookends cour 1 of this debut season.


You can hieeehh!! all you want.

Next week – Mission 12 ペンギンパーク Pengin Pāku / Penguin Park (adapting one of the extra missions from the manga that is yet to be adapted – Extra Mission 1 was a one shot on Weekly Shōnen Jump and can be read on volume 2 of the printed manga tankobon) on 25.6.22 ends this delightful season where the Forger family takes a nice uneventful day out.

Or will they?