being a skema gig-goer, i’ve always got tix to see my favourite bands really early. last night was my first ever attempt in buying gig tickets from touts / scalpers/ ulats. the fall out boy tickets were sold by nottingham rock city sometime last october. hehe. no wonder they sold out. did a quick search on online tout sites as well as eBay and found that they were selling ’em for like 40 smackers (original price 11). we even hatched a plan to show these guys that we only had 20-30 quid to spare, and hopefully try getting them like a few minutes before FOB gets onstage.

what did they want for ’em? 50 quid each. even came up with factoids like, “ooh… they’re like 78 quid on eBay, you know?”. like buggery. no rock city tix were available on eBay last time i checked. they advised us to chill for like an hour and come back. we headed for the nearby slug & lettuce (again, although different city) for a lil’ nachos and drinks. needed a warm one as it was near-to-frickin’ freezing outside.

when we got back to rock city, no one was to be seen, ulats or otherwise. nada.

oh well, it was plan B. having some thai take-away food at sapok’s. if they keep up with this, i’m definitely moving here.


yesterday, i practised music apartheid / commited music genocide.

those of you who know me would have heard me wax lyrical on how one tries to be open-minded in listening to music. how listening to a variety of genres allows you to be a better musician. how the different beats and melodies could make you come up with that song you wanted to write.

well, enough is enough. everytime i hear missy higgins on my shuffled iPod / iTunes playlist, i cringe. like crazy. not good if you are driving.

padam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuh, lega.