word of the day – starbuto
1. a person who unashamedly admits to excel at something without exhibiting any humility whatsoever
eh, jom aa main bola. ada tournament kat edinburgh.
-tak nak la. aku tak suka main bola. kalau rugby, aku tere la.

aku gilmour / tal farlow / [insert flavour of the month here].

2. name of a malaysian student band who played a gig in leeds in 2001.


no longer in hiatus, we’ve decided to give it a go. and we have less than two bloody weeks to sound good.

had a rehearsal of sorts, somewhat, yesterday afternoon in crookesmoor. things are pretty complicated as we are borrowing the drummer for forbidden donut, who in turn is borrowing kazman, our guitarist, to sing for them. and have i told you that kazman is also playing the role of the singer in ALHP?

added to the fold is pijoe, a mate of ours who thus far had never wanted to play onstage. well, i think his recent purchase changed his mind and for that we are eternally grateful.

had to cut one song out as we exceeded the 20-minute limit imposed. not complaining as we now only have four ditties to worry about. what are we playing? come see us on march 10th to find out. i’ll give you lot a clue though – one of the songs we play has an ennio morricone touch to it. twangg!


on the muat turun front, it’s been full on katun jepun (apart from rabidly waiting for mao inoue every saturday morning). finally started to watch ナルト again as i don’t have to watch the dismal arcs that had written as fillers (the longest filler period in the history of anime, or so i heard). like many of those who watch the series, the fcuking “curry of life” arc was the last straw. ブリーチ, on the other hand, is still making me smile.


the title is in honour of the sheepwoman‘s recent style of entry titles.