aka kempen ‘Untukmu, Sheepwoman’ (bahagian kedua)

i have never had nasi daun pisang. ever. i first knew of this rice dish from images of lat’s (yeah, lat’s cartoons has influenced of my outlook on the world around from an early age. really.) description of a mountain of rice and kuah lapan belas macam. i was invited by anuar the ex-madrileño currently working in KL, and we were joined by iJun, who happened to be in town, and shidah. the elitist is on the plane from LHR at the time of writing, otherwise having him around would almost make the nahar kafe group complete. kan, sheepwoman, kan? i also had the pleasure to be introduced to khaylis. it all began to look like the dreaded B-word meeting!

anuar took us to sri nirwana maju in the upmarket telawi precinct of bangsar. being wesak day, it was filled to the brim but we were ushered to a newly set up table in no time. i knew what i’d like (unimaginatively, the ayam goreng – you can’t go wrong with ayam goreng). everyone then had a leaf neatly placed on the table and they laid out cucumbers (bleurgh), chutney (bleurgh) and spicy deep-fried aubergines (ok). i only had one type (they had three) of kuah (gallons of it, though) and once the ayam goreng arrived, i was in heaven, although i have to admit i did feel that it is just your bog standard rice, really.

that slight-ish disappointment aside, nothing beats tucking into great grub with good friends around you.