A few weeks ago saw me in the local Apple store and I was introduced to the new, err… Apple Store app! Imagine you had to get something on the go and it’s a weekend when the store’s filled with customers, and you find that it’s difficult to grab hold of someone in a blue tee to take your payment. This is when this app comes in.

The Apple store has free wifi which you connect to. The app finds out which store you’re in. With EasyPay you scan the barcode using your iPhone and then pay with the card stored in your Apple ID, faster than you can say, “Pisang“.

Now the danger is waltzing into the store now and then to randomly make purchases.


The Nether Edge Farmer’s Market is a quarterly event run by the Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group which I’ve never had the pleasure of checking out, despite being a Nether Edge resident for 14 years! Two weekends ago I finally got to pay the market a visit especially when I managed to see a banner advertising the event a week prior as opposed to another “aisey, dah nak tutup” moment. The weather was still unpredictable but we were lucky the sun was out in its full glory. Walking up Nether Edge Road from Machon Bank, one would notice that it’s a small market with (mostly) local vendors mainly selling homemade wares like cakes galore, bread and honey/jam in jars. Halal food was also available in the form of the Jamaican jerk chicken stall which was absolutely filling! Entertainment was aplenty, from the Salvation Army brass band to a soul band made up of students from High Storrs School. I thought the soul band was pretty good as they ably covered tunes by the likes of Otis Redding and Fontella Bass.

The ice cream we had was absolutely gorgeous (the chap who runs it is from Lincolnshire and not from these parts, unfortunately) – the Madagascan vanilla for me and double mint for ayah. Then there was the cheesecake, made only a few blocks away from where I live. The passionfruit cheesecake is so sublime that I am ordering one whole cake for this weekend’s BBQ. I wasn’t brave enough to try the Mexican drinks stall although I’ve to say the penjual is so the cantek (there were many that day, of the Lana del Rey variety… just sayin’).

A jute bag (I ♥ Nether Edge), a 50p Tash Aw book from Rude Shipyard and one and a half serving of jerk chicken with rice, we were done. Can’t wait to go to the next one!


On the video editing front, I have finally completed the Pearl Jam vids taken on the old Lumix TZ-5 from the 2009 show in Manchester. Thanks to the official Ten Club bootlegs, these vids have got ‘proper’ audio now. You remembered a taster I gave last year (yup, took me that long to finally get this done), here’s another:

There are nine vids that you can view in total in this YouTube playlist.