against all odds, weather-wise, we had our first braai yesterday. we didn’t take any chances so we borrowed a portable gazebo from raiedzall (thanks, dude – patut datang semalam!), and smoked the innards of mi casa big time. the lads are off to the city that sits below sea level tomorrow morning and it’ll be the last time all of us could sit together around a fire to cook food like our primordial ancestors.

aboo, dee, pijoe and kenny came around the night before to help out with the marinade. mine was a right cop out. one thing i noticed, if you do cook burn the meat, it doesn’t really matter how fancy your marinade is! i also made pandan sirap, in kenduri kawin stylee.

one thing we tried to do was reduce our BBQ carbon footprint (don’t laugh). no paper plates or cups were used yesterday, as everyone brought their own plates/mugs. so, if any of you are to be invited to the next edgedale road braai, you know what to bring.

no red meat this time (not by choice), as we’ve chicken, trout, sweetcorn and bananas. and a couple of sausage packs (i don’t consider these red meat. hahaha.). the trout only had lime juice rubbed on it with a sprinkle of parsley and freshly ground black pepper. anything more will kill the taste of the fish. to top it off, i had dad’s own pukka cicah (cili potong, asam jawa, shallots and a lil’ squeeze of lime).

come to think of it, we’ve not had a proper braai like this for two summers (last summer sheffield had a deluge). like the other braais before, we ended the day by laughing our asses off for the umpteenth time to p. ramlee and ahmad nisfu.

did it rain? just a smidgin, way before we started. which is fine by me. all of us have a tan due to genetics, anyway.

[here for more pics.]