had a fantastic evening meal with the clan, thanks to asri and mary, at tarbush followed by some cappuccino freddo greco at espressamente illy across the road. this was the first time that i was at the pavilion. what greeted me was a street flanked by luxury and, in some ways, excess. i wondered in this day and age when people are driving their cars around KL aircon-less, if there are people that frequent such stores that are usually found on bond street or ginza. more than one gucci outlet in KL, do we have that many of the wealthy to come spend their hard-earned (or not) ringgit? however, my quandary was somewhat answered by the number of middle eastern tourists toting chopard (and the like) shopping bags. i guess, with emirates/gulf air/qatar air flying into KLIA daily, shouldn’t be a real problem kan?

whilst it has only been two days, i’ve picked enough choice reads and CDs at the local mall. i bought kassim ahmad’s mencari jalan pulang, only to realise that i think i’ve read a blog entry slating it. alamak, if he is right, there goes RM35. i hope my other choices by awang goneng and adibah amin, together with zahari rashid’s account of munsyi abdullah will make up for it. don’t worry, sheepwoman, i will finish lost history.

and as bloody usual, i am missing KL gigs which will bloody happen after i have bloody left the country. sialan.