i’m quite chuffed that i still feel the raya mood despite being back on the 6th day of raya. firstly, i extend my heartiest sympathies to friends who haven’t been taking in the full swing of raya due to work commitments. remember, when the rota for the next year comes – get in there!

despite being in the mood, i’ve only been to one mini-open house – mini here being the operative word signifying an invitation that is limited to a small number of friends. don’t get me wrong, especially with the spirit of open houses which literally means o-p-e-n to all, but when there are limitations, for example space and kitchen manpower, especially, it’s much nicer to have a smaller one. in fact, i’ve just finished hosting one myself where i had my band mates over for some laksa (only one packet of hup loong left, hence the limited invitation – sorry!).


finally, after the long wait – i picked my boite rouge from the boconcept studio in batley near leeds. it does this (see photo labelled number 3).