We’ve been hankering to have lobster since our last experience down in London a few years back. I was hoping to return to Livebait in Manchester but sad to say the menu doesn’t include lobster these days. My cousin in Manchester suggested that I buy some myself and grill it over the barbie with lemon and garlic butter, but I’ve a feeling the local market here may not have it[1]. She also suggested to check out a place called Blackhouse Grill which serves grilled lobster, amongst other things. The reviews on Tripadvisor thus far had been great although there were a few gripes with the place being expensive. From their online menu, grilled lobster is available with either Thermidor sauce or garlic butter. The best thing was that the nearest Blackhouse was in Leeds which is like 50 minutes away on the car. So, off we went for late lunch on Sunday.

The place was quite quiet and we chose a table indoors[2]. I have read that they have live music in the form of a singing pianist. Well, he was there singing the likes of John Mayer’s Gravity and a fine rehash of Radiohead’s High and Dry! I did actually book a table (just in case) and the waiting staff was very friendly. We shared a starter (crispy calamari) as they’ve run out of rock oysters which ayah wanted to have. Unfortunately, they’ve also one half lobster left which I told ayah to have, as I can always come back next time. I chose the predictable fish and chips.

I did have a taste of ayah’s Lobster Thermidor. It was definitely larger than the one we had last time, and the lobster meat was superbly cooked, and coupled with the cheesy Thermidor sauce, it was defo a divine combo. As for my fish and chips, it was lovely, but it’s the sort that I’ve had at Thyme Cafe in Broomhill. So, nothing new there. The mocktails were great – £4 yet each was in a very tall glass. I had the orange & pineapple lemonade, and ayah had the watermelon & guava (complete with a wedge of fresh tembikai).

Despite running out of items on the menu (semalam malam Sabtu kot), I enjoyed the meal very much and would defo come back. Perhaps I should try the one in Manchester (they have two eateries there) with my friends next time I visit.


At long last, we decided to bring a pack of groundnuts and visit some old friends at the Botanical Gardens. I was in a panoramic mood with the iPhone that day. Ayah had the best time ever, especially with the lil’ furry squirrel climbing up his leg to perch on his lap asking for more kacang.

For other (fast-paced) shots of our furry and feathered friends, take a look at my flickr.com sets here.


Well, it’s that time of the year again, albeit a bit more challenging especially with the long hours and the current summer heat.

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Semoga kita perbanyakkan amal ibadat dan mendapat keberkatan dariNya, insyaaAllah.

[1]I’m being unfair. They may just have it. It’s just that I never have set foot at Castle Market all these years I’ve lived in Sheffield, and news have it that they are shutting it down and moving the market to The Moor.
[2]I is Malay.