I have been seeing this on my friends’ FB wall and I thought of trying Tony Roma’s out. Whenever I eat out, especially when it’s a chain, I lower my expectations. If it’s bad, no surprises. But if it’s good – waa-hey, I’ll be back. Visited their e@Curve outlet on Raya eve as we needed a well-deserved break from preparing rendang and the like.

Beef ribs are their specialty and I ordered the filet medallion and rib combo, with corn on the cob and coleslaw on the side. Our cute hostess (whom my 5-year old nephew had taken a liking to) gave us all four sauces to try out with the ribs. Everyone else had similar orders although dad opted for lamb ribs whilst my brother went for the filet mignon. The Roma’s sampler which comprised buffalo wings, potato skins and onion loaf was just nice, size-wise. The medallions were juicy and done medium which scored points from me. However, it wasn’t as tender as I hoped but thankfully, it wasn’t stringy (like that disappointing wagyu I had that one time in London). The signature ribs were a tad dry but I kinda like the crispy bits at the edges of the meat, and the sauces complement the meat quite well. The bottomless drinks weren’t too bad, although the juice did feel a tad watered down. Not complaining, really – especially when you can refill all you want. Tony Roma’s won’t be my first choice, but I wouldn’t mind returning.

G-32 & G-33, e@Curve
47800 Petaling Jaya

On Raya morning itself, lemang and ketupat daun palas were pretty easy to obtain. We have been frequenting the stalls near the TTDI police station for the second year now and have never been disappointed.

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t really matter which stall (there were more than one) and in this day and age, if the pulut was a little mantah, nuking it in the microwave for a couple of minutes will do the trick!

I tried out this little place called Charms Café next to Rock Corner at One Utama. It’s the eaterie located in between the old and new wings, that has a longish table, with two sets of swings as chairs, slap bang in the middle.

I had a Chinese-styled fried rice which was quite nice actually and the char kuey teow is pretty decent. I noted some complaints of slow service on other foodie blogs online but the food didn’t take too long when we ordered. The only snag was that the food we ordered was a tad pricey. Prolly would be worse if it was pretty bad and pricey. I’d recommend the place if you’re in a right rush to catch a film at the nearby multiplex and have nowhere else to go, and have a bundle of cash to spare.

S206, 2nd Floor
One Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

As for another fancy café in TTDI (after trying out Mukha, Artisan and Frisky Goat), I had a ten-dollar iced latte at QUAR/TET in the Dato Sulaiman precinct. The café has a smoking section outside which we avoided. We sat next to the record player and their selection of vinyl (SP’s Siamese Dream weh). Loved their ‘hanya muzik rock‘ poster next to the vinyl section!

I saw that they did crême brulée (going for RM6) but they didn’t register my order. Next time perhaps (I had just returned from a rendang/pulut-filled open house). And oh, the latte was quite nice. I do have a soft spot for places like these, and I will return (although there are two more places I need to try out first!).

21 Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur


As for the revisits, I kinda fancy the charcoal toasted roti kahwin at Kluang Station:

Which reminds me I should check out myBurgerLab at SS2 sometimes. And talking about burgers, the Burger King outlet at One Utama has a window where you can see your burger being put together à la Subway:

As for 日本のたべもの, I am currently trying out the various donburis at Sushi King, like this とりみそやこどん:

A bit high on the ketjap manis side (kidding – likely the sweet miso used for the chicken), but quite nice nonetheless. Nope, I still cannot stomach daikon radishes. I just discovered Sushi Zanmai at OU – hope to check it out before my vacation ends.

On the 786 front, it has been a while but I had to have this at Restoran Ismail:

The buhara, which is a special sort of briyani that is cooked with the meat (in this case chicken on the bone), is only available on Friday to Sunday. It also comes with a boiled egg but I wanted the ayam goreng instead.

Next is the curry mee at Restoran Subang! Not had this for ages. It so reminds me of those halcyon days at Section 12 PJ when I was in primary school… Remember to have a bib. Slurptastic.

I have less than a week left – prolly enough for a part 2 post. Heh.