Well, the phrase ‘low key’ pretty much sums up my two days of Raya. On day 1, it was my aunts’ (yup, three of ’em) in Gombak followed by visiting my brother’s in laws in Kanchong Darat, Banting.

Later in the evening, my brother even drove us to Morib and the last time I was there, I was like 3. The beach looks a bit run down but there were loads of people taking advantage of the Raya break for a beach picnic.


Day 2 was more low key. The only decent non-chain eaterie that was open in Taman Tun was Jaipur. Oh well, a break from lemang I guess.

Without going to Tg Malim[1], I bought some frozen pau from the PETRONAS petrol station. Not bad, actually. Microwave it for 60 secs, and it’ll come out fluffy and scrumptious.


Coming back to the Bandai Macross kit I bought at Low Yat recently, I was a tad worried that the instructions, especially those pertaining paint that is needed, require painstaking translation from the katakana (burakku, waito etc). And that doesn’t include the kanji in the building of the kit itself.

Thanks to Google, an English translation of the Japanese instructions and paint chart is available at this site.

I am so doing this after the Airfix Aichi bomber!

[1]Yut Loy at Kuala Kangsar is still tops in my book.