Mission 9 ラブラブを見せつけ Rabu Rabu wo Misetsuke yo / Show Off How in Love You Are.

Chapters 13 & 14 from vol.3 of the manga.


Into volume 3 territory now, and the aftermath of the Yuri visit is somewhat near-fatal for a couple of parties involved, but at least we now can see where Yuri’s siscon comes from. The second half of the episode clears up something for Twilight but nothing we don’t already know.

In the manga.

In the anime.

Next week – Mission 10 ドッジボール大作戦 Dojjibōru Daisakusen / Operation Dodgeball on 11.6.2022. Likely that this upcoming episode contains only chapter 15, but looking at this week’s episode title, anticipating which manga chapters will be adapted can be tricky.

Nonetheless, three more episodes (10, 11 and 12) until cour 1 ends on 25.6.2022.

With a bang? Or not…