i usually would blog more often when i am back in KL, but with the recent family event, the chaotic tummy only had a few choice entries this time. i was online a lot anyway, to the point that anuarF was wondering if i had real things to see and do on holiday. well, when you have to wait for family members to get up for brunch (breakfast is not common occurrence in the muzaffar household), you have time to spare to the point of doing complex-ish photoshop edits for an entry.

i suppose things are pretty much same old, same old in KL since i was last there (it was only last april!). traffic on the way to low yat is always stagnant behind istana negara-cum-near DBP. drivers are still rude / psychotic as ever. double parking is still the in thing to do, even when there is ample parking.

i do the same old things out of habit when i am back home. wouldn’t mind doing something different for a change (i did, it was a wedding!) but i don’t actually complain if the next activity was the umpteenth visit to subang ria for char kuey teow / meehoon soup tak mau taugeh / popiah basah / chapatti.i had the chance to meet up with some old newcastle university chums in USJ. it was like a mini-reunion and managed to catch up on some juicy goss (something i don’t do unless i hang out with friends who are married – i wonder why that is). everyone (bar one) had little ones plus/minus an indonesian maid tagging along.

otherwise, it really felt like old times.despite the longest break that i had for a long time, i still missed out on:

however, thank god for:

another 3 weeks to go before my post-vacation depression ends.