didn’t do any hall-decking with holly boughs this festive season, but i did have a great break over the hills. manchester is only 40 miles away from where i am, but it’s 40 miles over the peaks. you can have a smoother drive but it means an L-shaped 80 miles on the M1, M62 and M60. drove over the non-foggy (thank god) hills to reach rizkee cafe by 9.30pm, to surprise some people and to meet idlan and co. for a late supper. food and the company was lovely as usual, and i tried the udon this time instead of my usual taugeh-less bahn pho bo.

spent the next day chilling out at rizkee. as in all day. have you ever stayed in a cafe for almost 12 hours? i’ve never owned one to experience that, and this time i have. as it was x’mas eve, there weren’t many customers as we thought there’d be. i spent the whole day chillin’ with pinkfrog, the chef and sous chef both of whom i never had the pleasure to meet up to now. it was then that i saw how an establishment like rizkee was run and it was no mean feat. hats off to sherry and her entire crew. they work as a family, and there was no us and them attitude whatsoever. for lunch i had the deep-fried seabass which was an absolute bomb. and this was after some waffles. followed by mocktails, teh tarik and more kuehs, it wasn’t any wonder that i didn’t do any clothes shopping in the boxing day sales.

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