it was a quite evening at the cafe. spent the entire time eating, taking pics with my EOS 350D, net surfing on rizkee’s free wi-fi (idlan, you’d love this!), and playing my PSP. pinkfrog also brought her PSP and the floor staff was either taking down rival race cars or slashing bare-assed baddies with scimitars, while waiting for patrons to arrive. we even had an impromptu salsa lesson by the bar area before closing the cafe up for x’mas.

x’mas afternoon saw the whole bunch of us working up our appetites for lunch at my cousin’s by walking around lyme park near stockport. the cool winter air was crisp and lovely. it was also an opportunity to take the new toy out and try it out for size. all the pics seen here are taken with the rebel. the lunch we had was absolutely scrumptious. it was so good i was seen snoring in the back room. the thing was we had also been invited for dinner in a few hours’ time. so, i might as well doze off (jet lag was my other excuse) while the girls (and one guy) baked chocolate cake.

dinner at fadhlin’s was just as awesome. tucking in after getting a little lost on oxford road just when everyone else have had their fill. after the parents and kids left the premises, the floor was turned into a sweaty havana club. well, with the tingkap tak boleh bukak, the temperature was close to that of cuba! i definitely have two left feet on top of being kaki / tangan bangku but it was great fun (two whole hours of gyrating, oo-er!) nonetheless. thanks for being patient, guys! it reminded me of old photos of my folks when they were younger. there was no zouk or gatecrasher then, but going out dancing was good clean fun in those days. they’d be in their smart suits and dresses, dancing the night away at an ipoh nightclub (not the ticket one with the no. 26 in offbeat cha-cha).

star of the night? goes to budin, for being on the floor non-stop. i’m sure no illicit substances were added to the stuffing or the pudding!

now with the x’mas festivities (ok, new year is around the corner) and, more importantly, the exams over, it’s time to get my rusty guitar-playing back into action. it’ll be march 2006 soon, man.
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