it ain’t over yet.


on my mornings of respite, when i get some, i get to do this.

surprisingly, this is lovely and costs four ringgit and is available at the one utama basement food court. i guess when one is always on the move and is willing to pay a few sen more for hawker fare, this is justified, somewhat. as long as it tastes good.

not that i am endorsing le tempoyaque or d’apam nowadays, if you are wondering.


god save tone, long live junk.

i miss tone. i once asked the ex to get me a copy when she went back to tanjung a few years back and she only got blank stares from the mamak.

“apa? stone? tadak.”

keeps me up to date with local gigs and CD’s of up and coming local acts. KLue is fine, but it is so the bangsar (look at a recent poll they publish – the second best nasi daun pisang in KL is the eaterie that all of you condemned when i had nasi with anuarF and iJun!).


whilst perusing yesterday’s utusan, i came across the education supplement where there was a section for UPSR level english. the student is asked to study the cartoons with balloons, one of which is empty, where the student is to choose the best sentence to fit the situation illustrated.

one thing i noticed was that the student with wit (or lack of, think din beramboi of ujang fame) and a wicked sense of humour will be the student failing the exercise.

Daughter: Mom, I am not feeling well.
Mom: ________________

A. You should study now.
B. Don’t worry. I’ll be alright.
C. I’ll take you to the clinic.

Son: Dad, can you help me fix my bike?
Dad: _________________

A. Alright, but let me finish my tea first.
B. This tea is very nice.
C. Yes, you can ride your bicycle now.

Pretty lady: How much are these mangoes?
Fruit seller: ________________

A. You look lovely today.
B. They are from California.
C. A ringgit each.

ok, these aren’t exactly that funny, but it’s just one of those days lah.